Freelance Writing

There something magical about capturing a moment with words, and relaxing as they flow from your fingers onto a medium that will give them permanency for a time. Words, to me, can make or break any situation. While often silence is considering to be a virtue, when the moment arises and the right words are spoken, voice immediately becomes a virtue as well.

I'd be selling myself short if I was afraid to express myself in an honest and true way. This blog is vulnerable, this blog is real. I write, and I bleed.

The mad, the bad, and the sad.

He sits back in his chair and sighs slowly, almost as if to say he’s satisfied with the feeling of the seated position after a long day’s work. He chooses a particular armed chair in the room, one that is bathed in sunshine in the mornings. He stares off to the right, past where I’m seated and looks out the window as a story unfolds of a life that has been only mildly uncovered. His placid expression and the valleys of aged skin reveal a story of their own before a word is even spoken.

He is 675235. He is a descendent of Florence Nightingale. He is Athol James Briden, who says his “memory isn’t as bad after all”, as he pulls together pieces of his life on this warm summer morning in March...

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Published Children's Book

I was recently given the opportunity to write a children's book based on the eight laws of health. A belief developed by Ellen White, her ideas centralise around a holistic lifestyle in which your body can experience optimal health. The book was originally written in English, however was translated into Bahasa Indonesian to be distributed to villages in Indonesia. This book presented itself as an amazing opportunity for me to combine my passion of writing, humanitarian efforts, and health in a way that positively impacts the world. Jimmy and Budi are friends who uncover these 'secrets' one by one as they follow the path to a better, more fulfilling life.

The graphic designer for this book can be found at the website below: